“Don't be deceived by its cloak of documentary, Buried Land is not what you think, it casts a spell...”                        

                                                     Kirill Razlagov, Moscow International Film Festival

Buried Land

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Written & Directed by Steven Eastwood & Geoffrey Alan Rhodes

81:00. UK/USA/Bosnia. 2010


In 2006, CNN announced the discovery of ancient pyramids, not in Egypt, but the small town of Visoko in central Bosnia...

Emir, a Bosnian émigré removed during the war, returns to his homeland to assist an American filmmaker on a project about Visoko’s pyramids. Caught between patriotism and cynicism, Emir sets out to discover the truth behind the claims. Harnessing the unity and imagination of the town, the pair start casting for their film. Emir begins a relationship with a beautiful tour guide, Avdija, but his scepticism attracts attention. Accused of making fun of the community, Emir’s outlandish behaviour grows confused and a grandiose shoot at the Pyramid summit descends into chaos. Emir is forced to confront both his expatriate identity and his beliefs.

Buried Land is a fictional story set in a real community. Controversy surrounded the production when a Bosnian magazine accused the directors of planning a "Borat" film, using a single actor to lure the local people into a misrepresentation. Riffing on these actual events, the filmmakers made this accusation a part of their story. Buried Land is about how films often miss underlying meanings in their attempts to provide sensation. The real story is one of faith and hope – as symbolized by the Visoko pyramids and the spirit of a town that has lived through the trauma of war.

Official Selection: Tribeca, Moscow, Sarajevo, Mumbai, Goteborg, East End Film Festival.

Shot on location in the Valley of the Pyramids, Visoko, Bosnia

A Paradogs / GARhodes Production 2010 co-produced with Vennerfilm. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and The Princess Grace Foundation.

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