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a film about the end of life

About the film

During the summer of 2015 artist-filmmaker Steven Eastwood will be making a film in partnership with Earl Mountbatten Hospice on the Isle of Wight. This film will feature the many people, environments and diverse activities in and around the hospice. Made through close engagement with people experiencing and witnessing death and dying, it will explore what happens at the end of a person’s life.

The film will consist of long sequences reflecting unfolding everyday life and routine behaviour, featuring faces and voices, interiors and landscapes. The content of the film will evolve from regular discussions with participants and their families and carers.

Why the project?
Few films work with communities associated with end of life, depicting what occurs, what is experienced, what dying is. The project addresses the positive need for different kinds of images of death and dying, reflecting changing attitudes in palliative care and society around the visibility of end of life. It will be of benefit to participants as a means of expression and legacy.

Who can be involved?

Anyone. This is an opportunity to share your stories and thoughts, your perceptions and experiences. The planned film is very open. Its aim is to create a positive and frank space for capturing and articulating what matters to you, whatever your perspective.

Where will the film be seen?
The film will be exhibited at Fabrica Gallery Brighton in 2017.  A feature length version of the film will be screened at national and international film festivals and UK cinemas. Screenings of the completed film will also take place in UK hospices.


Lisa Wardle, EMH Head of Communications:  lisa.wardle@iwhospice.org

Steven Eastwood:  paradogsfilm@gmail.com

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