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a testing ground for film, video, live art, sound and mayhem
After twelve years and over forty live art events held in multi-roomed venues as diverse as banks, boats and archways, OMSK moves into a different kind of site and is proud to announce its first foray into publishing with OMSKBOOK. A big event in a book , it's pages offer

 « work by 74 emerging and established artists working in performance, sound and moving image;
 « a DVD featuring some of the most exciting work in moving image from the UK and beyond;
 « a CD packed with music, sonic art and spoken word compered by Rob da Bank;
 « a critical overview of an exciting period of change within live art culture, with guest contributions             from writers Tracey Warr and Helen de Witt; and
 « a Do It Yourself guide for emerging artists and art programmers to propagate future platforms for             experimental art.

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An OMSK event unfolds across numerous rooms, in a building which is neither a gallery, nor a cinema or theatre, so that both artist and audience find themselves in direct encounter with one another. OMSK has taken this element of the live event into the space of the printed book, and given each artist a set of pages. Documentation of performances coincides with instructions for use, riffs on the cinema, comic book drawings, art as anatomy, and musings on the presence of the artist.

The publication also offers a critical overview of a dynamic period of change within multi-disciplinary art practice, with guest contributions from Tracey Warr and Helen de Witt exploring artist-led collectives and happenings. In addition, OMSKBOOK includes a Do-It-Yourself guide for artists and curators to propagate future platforms for experimental art.

 « Like a magician's cave, an alchemist's laboratory or an artist's studio, the OMSK space is about             process, development, engagement, but not about completion.
            - Helen de Witt in Pretentious Proclamation, pp.30-35, OMSKBOOK

 « OMSK events are emblematic of how artists deal with non-gallery and non-theatrical environments -             work shown in these raucous or unprecious contexts has to create its own space and its own terms             ...these artist led events are often the antecedents (or perhaps the antidotes) for art schools. There is an             anarchic trying out that ought to be going on in art school (but rarely does).
          - Tracey Warr in Awkward Art Party, pp. 110-114, OMSKBOOK

 « OMSK... is a set of ethics, a shifty set, by dint of its nature. OMSK can be anything. Rather than say             OMSK is punk, you might say about something - "Oh, that's so OMSK...That frock's so OMSK."
          - Sharon Smith, The Fido the Dog Debate, pp. 75-82, OMSKBOOK

OMSKBOOK pages include... The Rules of Quartet Electronishe, Inverted Comics by Sissu Tarka, a cut-out OMSK Magazine from Paul Elliott, The Max Factory Will from the Max Factory, Winter Summer: The Class Photograph 2007 by Mairead McClean, A Naïve Dance Masterclass from Matt Rudkin, yournamelitupinneonlights from Grace Surman, The Pregnancy Performance from Dot Howard, Suppose by Annis Joslin, Self Portrait As HeartFeltMySullen Heart by Andrew Kötting, The Communist Manifesto (2006) from Allsopp & Weir, documentation of performances at OMSK by Woodrow Kernohan – plus many more


Each track includes an introduction from Rob da Bank, Radio 1 DJ and curator of BESTIVAL - an annual music festival on the Isle of Wight.

 « Dan Powell: Olbers
 « Volume: Golden Hands
The OMSK audience  « Omo: Oversized
 « electric assembly: base station repeater
 « Pilote: Wires (Live at OMSK, 333 event, 2000)
 « they came from the stars, I saw them: People Are Subject To Change
 « Snidey: Nervous Tension
 « Bill Aitchison: OMSK spoken word piece
 « Kazuko Hohki: Convini
 « Dan Powell: Elst-Pizarro
 « Super Group Extreme: Heads
 « A J Holmes: Lumumba (exclusive OMSK mix)
 « Duncan Reekie: Lord of The Wasps


 « Robin Deacon: Passionate About
 « Rosalind Peters: She Falls
 « Nick Gordon Smith: Peg Leg Man
 « Andy Galletly: Haiku: Wien
 « Joanna Callaghan: The Look of Love
 « Grace Surman: yournameupinneonlights
 « Helena Bryant: Dress for Containing Anger (OMSK event documentation)
 « Chris Ernst: I am sorry. I cannot get to sleep. Because I am homesick
 « Sally Irvine: The Collected Stories of Her
 « Andy Galletly: Haiku: Beardbeats
 « Oriana Fox: Our bodies, Ourselves
 « Louise Stevens & Greg Pope The Three Theories of Vernis Canoot
 « Max Factory: The Max Factory Will (OMSK event documentation)
 « Steven Eastwood: The End

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