Omsk: When?

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programme for Friday September 13th 2002, 86 Brick Lane: 8pm - 1am

8pm - 1am Main Space (and Balcony)
8.00 DJ Missinthemix
8.30 C Loopsneed - electronic, sampler, mixing desk, female singer - low-fi songs
9.10 White Buildings
9.40 DJ Rae (Rachel) or Jonny Converter (Wilken Schade) or Mark Jackson
10.10 Fido the Dog
10.30 Vanishing Breed
11.00 Tend 'er' Sharon Smith of the Max Factory
11.15 Fido the Dog
11.35 Quartet Elekkktroniss
12.15 Missinthemix multi-boarding
12.30 DJ Missinthemix
Also, Greg Pope - 16mm loops projected, and Len Massey, video projected speaker/water sculpture, plus Martin Vowels? slide piece

Dark/Film Room - programme repeated twice.
Shyness Video -Karen Hickman (17 mins)
daz07/02/012038 -Sue K (4)
karenintheround -Sue K (5)
Arlene -Eleanor Suess (3)
Chile Bovine -Tom Kirk (4)
It's Hard to be Beautiful in an Ugly World -W.S. Harron (3)
Donkey Head -Andrew kotting (3)
The Electric Hare -Philip Warnell (4)
In Advance of a Broken Arm Lee Adams (3)
Love is Randomly Arranged -Annis Joslin (3)
The Sound of Grenville & Haunted Tate -Jon Purnell (5)
Speed Queen -Ulrike Kubatta (5)
Pros and Cons of Camouflage -Zara Waldeback (13)
The End -Steven Eastwood (4)
Bruce and Joan video interventions (5)
Trust (variable) Verina Gfader (2)
Peg Leg Man -Nick Gordon Smith (10)
Snooker Film -Dana (10)

Light Room
Extrusions from the flimsy house of joy - Helena Bryant - durational performance/sculpture
Bruce and Joan do printmaking - spewing speech bubbles and paper 'how 'bout thises'

Light Room Cellar
fuck you. did you hear that? no. fine Two monitor piece by Annis Joslin and Nicky Plews
Birds/Transparencies Alex Ingram and Make Me Whole Again Cath Jiggens - monitor works

Talker - Diary of a Network Methodist - Gad Hollander and Andrew Bick (dv video proj).
Digital works - Paul Ramsay from Chameleon Lectra. Data projection.

Foyer side room
8.30 - 10.30 Quartet Elektronish cafe

Forecourt area
audience drawing or barbeque plus In It Knitting around the buidling. Sebastian buerkner graffiti

Snub flyer front
Snub flyer back



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